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Today, we’ll cover the rest of the usual suspects in drawing black lines.

This blog post is from creative blog, one of my favorites. It’s short. One of the things it says is “try everything from fountain pens to calligraphy brushes and see what works for you. I really liked her two paragraphs on using silhouettes, and her two paragraphs on choosing between brush and fine tip pens.

The next link is blog post where the woman talks about how she uses dip pens and fountain pens for sketching and creating art work. Good piece.

The last link for black pens really likes Copic SP multiliners. Their advantages are they make a great line. They use ink cartridges to refill ink. You can replace the nibs. You just uncap them and go. They work with our copic markers. Their disadvantages are they make one size line. Over time the cost of the cartridges add up compared to refilling from a bottle. The nibs wear out which is why they are replaceable. The nibs break if you drop them. They don’t feel as comfortable in the hand as a fountain pen. The people who wrote this really like brush pens too.

And to finish up the day, some tips on drawing dragons.

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