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Syd2-Brush Pens

Brush Pens are taken care of and feed ink just like fountain pens. The difference is they have very flexible nibs that allow for almost infinite line variation.

I’m going to use youtube videos so you can see how they are used. Hopefully, this will be a lot more interesting.

The first one will be the pentel pocket brush pen. It is usable with your copic alcohol based pens. So, you can draw something with the pentel brush pen and provide the color with the copic pens.

Next will be the kuretake brush pen. I’m not sure if it is compatible the copic pens but with the Platinum Carbon black, it probably is. It is a very cool brush pen and a lot of people use it with watercolor pens or brushes for coloring in.

Next is a page from jetpens where they go over the best drawing, cartoon, and manga art supplies.

And last is a comparison of the pentel, kuretake, and pilot brush pens.

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