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We’re going to look at some basics of fountain pens. As we get into it, we will also look at brush, flex nib, bent nib, and felt tipped pens. But today, the basics. If you understand how a basic fountain pen works, the rest are all very similar.

These are some of my fountain pens. Pens can be very different.

Amazon Basics Fountain Pen

You just pull the cap off and write. I store it nib down sitting a little jar. As soon as I am not writing, I put the cap back on so the nib doesn’t dry up.
Disassembled Amazon Basics Fountain Pen and new ink cartridge.

To put ink in this pen, you take off the cap. Unscrew the nib section from the body of the pen, pull the empty ink cartridge straight out and push in the new one. The new cartridge at the top has a narrow end (the right end in the picture), that goes in the nib. You push until you hear a click that means the cartridge seal is broken. Reassemble the pen, hold it nib down for a bit and you are ready to go. Most fountain pens are cartridge pens. Very easy and clean. You can rinse out the empty used cartridges and use a blunt tip ink syringe to put any color fountain pen ink in you want. You would fill a spare empty when you pull out the new empty cartridge from the pen and insert the one you just filled.

Cherry Blossom Twsbi Eco

The TWSBI Eco is a piston filler fountain pen. The cap screws off. Like the Amazon Basics, most people set the cap aside when they are writing. This is called writing unposted. You can put the cap on the back of the pen while writing if you want to write posted. The TWSBI Eco like the Amazon Basics is a very classic shape and size. It’s a really comfortable and nice writer. I am posting a one minute youtube video link on how to fill it. You can put any color or type of fountain pen ink in. Just need to rinse the pen between colors. This pen holds a lot more ink than a cartridge pen so doesn’t need to be filled very often. Here’s the link.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Remember the first picture of all four pens. This was the little one. It is meant to be posted when writing. That way it is long enough to be comfy to write with. It is a cartridge pen like the Amazon Basics although you can use it as an eyedropper pen. I’ll explain that later but it means that you can put a ton of in the barrel of the pen and use it for weeks. It is a really pretty dark red. It is short and durable enough that you can put it in your pants pocket and leave it there all day. Pull it out when you need it and slip it back in when you don’t. This pen has a medium nib so writes with a much thicker line. Another great writer.

Noodler Eyedropper Fountain Pen

This is a flex nib pen. You unscrew the transparent back end of the pen, use a blunt tip syring to fill it up with ink and screw the nib back on. In the old days, they used an eyedropper, thus the name. Because the nib is a flex nib, you can change the width of the line you are writing or drawing by pressing the pen against the paper. A very simple, easy to take care of pen, although because of the amount of ink you need to have the pen feed to the nib when you are creating a very wide line, you need to keep the nib clean and that is easy once you learn how. If you fill the transparent barrel with say Apache Sunset or Diamine Dragon Red ink, it looks really cool.

That’s it for today. I’ll try to pick something more interesting tomorrow. Here is a link to a bunch of pictures of fountain pens that people usually recommend as someone’s first fountain pen. Just scroll down to look at them all. If you click on them you can get a little more info on each one. Next level up pens are quite a bit different as are brush pens that you can look at on the jetpens site. Here is the starter pens link:

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