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Penn kills a god.

Penn stepped into a chamber with a body strapped to an inclined board. Tubes and wires ran into and out of the restrained man. The tubes gurgled and the wires flexed in a rhythm that set the Star Trader on edge.

Captain Reamer came abreast to Penn and raised a crucifix off his chest. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of Death. I shall fear no evil.”

The warrior monk leaped back as a series of black sparks floated out of an aperture in the panel that the tubes and wires ran into. The sparks moved in fits and starts, imploding just before reaching Reamer and Penn’s faces.

The restrained body’s head lifted slightly and its mouth opened. “Prepare yourselves. I, Drell, God the Dead, shall be done with this husk shortly.” The head fell back and lolled to the side.

Penn’s eyes turned to Reamer. “I wasn’t ready for this.”

Reamer nodded. They ran for the entrance to the room. Reamer slammed the door. “We need to find a way to end that thing.”

Penn reached into his pouch and pulled out a handful of dread pixie dust. “And with less talking,” as he sprinkled it all around.

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