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Micro Stories To Develop Novel Scenes

Thanks to writing micro stories for The SciFi Roundtable, I discovered writing them when working on a novel scene works. It allows me to try out different moods, settings, character and theme development, tone, and plot work in just a couple minutes. It’s quick, easy, and even fun.

Here one from yesterday that brought me new secondary characters and brought back a strong secondary character from the previous act that needs to be in this one.

Hobbling down the Antonia’s ramp, Penn’s eyes widened in the early morning darkness. His leg wrapped in a force field that protected the burns he’d gotten in the exit fight on Sirius station.

Lights glowed on an empty landing pad on the edge of the port. The outer system nomads had arrived. Molting season for Phobian system space lizards had just ended, and their shed hides would auction within the hour.

The Star Trader had promised Reginald that he wouldn’t get hurt helping Penn escape. It was time to get the man material for a new suit. It was the least he could do.

Granted, it’s not finished quality and won’t be used as is, but it helped me with a scene that I wasn’t sure what to do with. A good thing.

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