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What Pen to Use?

The last couple months, I have been handwriting six or seven pages a day. Laying out characters, the world, plot, theme, etc. for a new book. Or taking notes from websites like Reedsy and novel-writing-help or from books like Vogler’s ‘The Writers Journey’ and Brooks’ ‘Great Stories don’t Write Themselves.’

When I first started back to writing by hand, I used whatever pen I had laying around. Then I grabbed a Uni-ball Vision Elite and went wow. This glides. It’s easy to use. Has a good line that is easy to read. It didn’t strike through the cheap notebook paper that I use. It has ink that is signature safe. It doesn’t fade and is water-resisitant, etc.

I had bought a pack of them a couple years ago at Costco and have gone through two of them in the last month. Only have two left.

I read up on affordable pens and after the really good experience with the Uniball Vision Elite. I decided to try the Uniball Jetstream. Got a pack of twelve off of Amazon for just over a buck a piece.

The Jetstream glides nicely. Although, to me, the Vision Elite has a better feel and doesn’t feel scratchy or needing a push either.

Above, you will see a page that I started using the Vision Elite and the lower part of the page with the Jetstream. The top part of the page is much easier to read. With the way I write, the Vision Elite doesn’t skip for me. The Jetstream has a good flow of ink, but I lift my pen a lot using a combination of cursive and block letters. Ink gets onto the sheet a little quicker with the Vision Elite.

The Vision Elite has a narrower barrel in its bottom third and narrows more as it approaches the point. This is considerably easier for me to hold and write with. The image at the top of the page shows the white Uni-ball Vision Elite and the black Uni-ball Jetstream.

Although, I haven’t much experience yet  with the Jetstream, I am guessing it will write a lot more pages before running out of ink. Interestingly, the Vision Elite pens I am using have .8mm tips. The Jetstream’s have 1mm tips. Yet, the Vision Elites have a much bolder line.

The Vision Elites are rollerball pens.

The Jetstreams are ballpoints with two balls and a gate to regulate ink flow.

I am a leftie and neither of these pens smudge on me. The ink dries amazingly fast.

I can recommend either of these pens. For me, it is the Uni-ball Vision Elite. Gotta find a cheap place to buy them. They aren’t on the Costco website, maybe they still have them at the warehouse in Tumwater.

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