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Going Back to Basics

I want to improve my writing. Nothing fancy. Better flow. Be more interesting. Good pacing. Vivid characters. Intriguing plot.

For the moment, I have stopped bringing my work to critiques. I am not editing as I write. I am carefully reading some basic articles on writing and thinking about every sentence. Not long books on writing or seminars, simple one thing at a time things. Reedsy – narrative arc and associated structures like the heroes’ journey. New York Book Editors daily email and blog posts on point-of-view, self-editing. Novel-writing-help on third-person multiple pov, how to plot, how to write a narrative, and sub-plotting.  

I struggle reading about improving your writing. I can only get through a few paragraphs at a time and keep my concentration. Improving as a writer is hard. Every morning, I read. I make sure I understand every sentence, take notes, and think about how it applies to my writing. Right now pacing and sub-plots are the focus of interest. Next week, I will restrict self-improvement to the first hour of my day and then write for two hours. This week will continue to be solely focused on improvement and understanding the craft.

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