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Try, Try, Again

Just read a great article in Inc. magazine about Jobs and Wozniak. I’m not a great fan of them but the article reinforces a number of things that I have learned.  And if it isn’t true, I’m in trouble because I write and fail way too much if it isn’t. The below excerpt is particularly good. The link to the article follows. And I just like the picture that is above.

“Try Something. Try Anything.

People who eventually find success start by trying things. Lots of things.

Sometimes they succeed. More often, they fail.

And that’s okay. In fact, that’s more than okay: You learn much more from mistakes than you do from successes. 

The past is just training. It doesn’t define you. Think about what went wrong — but only in terms of understanding how, the next time, you will get it right. 

Try one thing. Try another thing. Keep trying things. Trust that you’ll figure out how to react and respond to barriers and challenges. Trust that every experience will make you a little wiser. Trust that you’ll gain more skills and more connections.

Sure, you’ll fail more than you succeed… but each time you’ll learn and grow and develop the confidence that you, like Jobs and Woz, can do something and make it work.

And maybe you will find that sense of magic –” by Jeff Haden

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