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Writers are interesting, particularly ones who write a lot.

One of the things I like about writing are all the choices there are to make. If you don’t make them consciously, then they happen anyway. You just don’t get the option to make them with due deliberation.

There are writers who write for a job. Much as you would go to the office, into Walmart, or a government gig. They get up, sit down, write to market. They follow time honored rules, (they don’t just know them so they will know when they break them, they live by them.) Only a narrow slice of the dictionary is allowed, they use familiar names and turns of phrase. Sentences are simple. The writing is easily understandable. Everything is geared to sell. They would do something else if it was more lucrative. They fill a market need. They work hard and put in a yeoman’s day. Their decisions are deliberate and strictly defined.

There are the ones who write because that is what they do. Some have learned to write in the accepted style, know the rules and when they break them. They write what is in their heads, what needs to be written. Some of them take the time to figure out what people would want to read out of the possible stories rattling around. They outline or take an idea that would interest people and just run with it. Others write what they want to write, the way they want to write it. The range of possible decisions is broader here but still decisions. The path can be less defined or still strictly market driven. Harder in some ways and easier in others. To put out work, you still have to work hard, it just usually isn’t totally market driven.

These aren’t the only kinds of writers, this is just a broad brush.

All of them are writers, who write, some of them successful, some not. Writing is a many varied thing. What rules you have are yours to live by. Who you write for. Where and how your work gets published, if anywhere, is up to you. How hard or easy you make it to write. How complicated or simple it is. Whether it sells is in many ways up to you. Whether you market your writing or deal with a publishing house is up to you. You can learn the accepted rules or not and follow them or not.

It is a big world. There is room for everyone. What you want to get out of it is your decision. Whether your work is popular may not be but that’s alright. If it isn’t and you need money, do something else for money or chose to change your style and where you put your efforts, then it could become more popular. There are a lot of choices to make. Take a little time and make the choices consciously.

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