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Learning to Write and Live

Learning to write is a process, slow at times and sudden leaps forward at others.

It is kind of like learning to live and take care of yourself long term. Lots of things hold you back and mess with your ability to make the most of yourself. How you were raised. Your parents problems that you have internalized yourself. Who your friends are. The place in history, the planet and society that you live in. So many things knock you back and forth.

If you are lucky, you learn to write every day. You find people who are trying themselves and are good people. From them and yourself, you will learn. You will find books that help, online articles, magazines, conferences, groups to join.

If you keep pushing and learning, you will get better.

If you persevere, you will create.

If you try and have faith in yourself, you will succeed, if your definition of success is based internally.

Enjoy the journey through both good and bad.

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