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Books as Writing Bibles

Using books very similar to yours from your sub-genre to make decisions about writing

Chapter after Chapter’s idea of using 3 or 4 books as your bibles to make decide how and when to end chapters, how big of a sub-set of the dictionary to use, how to keep your readers straight when you tend to have a half-dozen people in each scene and more, really sits well with me. So much of writing is dependent on audience and genre. You need to use your own style, intuition, and voice but writing has mechanics as its base. How much you can keep hidden, how much history you expect readers to know or find out, what are their feeling about people in general, and what sort of tone do they expect from the narrator. Lots of little things. You need to be true to yourself and your story but readers have expectations and you can’t ignore all of them or you won’t have any readers.

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