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Reading A Good Book Helps You Write

Haven’t been writing the past three weeks. The diagnosis of cancer has finally settled in. Have been two support group meetings, one in Tacoma and one in Centralia. Met with a guy from the Centralia group yesterday for a couple hours and he let me know the minimums of what I will be losing from my life. Ah, getting older means loss. I am starting to understand that line.

Anyway, have been not dealing with it real well the last few months. And finally quit writing three weeks ago, too distracted. The upside is that I used the last few weeks to learn WordPress and figure out what is going on with web hosting these days. Got my website up, a facebook author page, and a plethora of other things like getting it together with Mailchimp and Wordpress’s blog follow plugin.

In the meantime, a friend, Jennifer, loaned me a book on Monday called Chapter after Chapter by Heather Sellers.

I opened it to page 100 and started reading.

I don’t much believe in fate but what she had written was what I had been thinking about when I opened the book. What was good enough as far as what I was writing. With all the distraction, a lot of days I struggled and just wrote. Not inspiring writing but writing. She talked about what good enough means and it helped me. Then she talked about picking three books as bibles to guide your writing. Books like what you want to write that you think are well written books and use those to answer any questions you have when you need an answer about how to approach a scene, end a chapter, deal with issues that you know aren’t right but are unsure of how to fix. I had already picked four books. I am staying with them but I feel much better knowing that a lot of other authors do that.

As I continue to read the book, it talks about a number of other things that ring true for me.

Today is Thursday and I am writing again. Not just writing but feeling the words and book. I am pretty sure that it is because of Chapter after Chapter. When you get distracted or stuck or whatever, find a good book that rings true for you. It helps.

Of course, it also helps to have good friends. Jennifer helped out of a tough spot here. Thanks.

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