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Libraries and books have always fascinated me. Growing up they served a purpose and fueled my dreams.

I lived in a place isolated from the hubbub of the world.

Being a small town in the desert, the library there reflected the utilitarian values of a farming community.  It was only when I went to school at the University of Washington that I found a spectacular temple to books.

Suzzallo Library on the campus’s Red Square is truly a place that celebrates books and reading.

The photo above shows some of the main reading room’s stained-glass windows and large suspended globe.

The hours I spent there pulled me back from my engineering classes, long hours working in a printing factory and the struggles of living.

When I feel overwhelmed by life, I remember sitting at long tables with a pile of books and being immersed in them. It gives me strength and the will to keep going.

And thanks to University of Washington Libraries for the image.

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