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How Guild meetings affect your writing

It was an interesting meeting last night. Talked to Amy, our NanoWriMo Lewis County ML about getting ready for Nano. She reminded me to have whatever I need when I start a writing project ready. Whether an outline, character sketches, maps, whatever sets you up for a large project. If you want to write novels, daily writing is good but I am learning that writing faster and more is even better. Last year’s Nano has pushed my daily word count up by multiples even 7 months later. Being prepared to do 50,000 words in a month has a good sound to it. Maybe I will get there at my third Nano. It will take some focus.

Ramona read a story last night. It had the word ‘deleterious’ in it. A couple people objected to her using it in her writing. They didn’t know what it meant and didn’t want to. For the people who objected, using a word like that in their writing would not be good. Their audience wouldn’t like it and neither do they. Uncommon words would be bad for their stories.  It took me awhile to understand the importance of who you are writing for. Jennifer helped me understand that and so did a couple of my favorite authors. For Ramona’s story and the other words and concepts she presents, ‘deleterious’ was a good word in a good spot. For at least a couple scifi genres, “the deleterious effects of (fill in the blank)” is a tried and true two-word phrase that readers will identify with immediately. If you are writing Westerns or YA fairy tales maybe not so much.

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