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Guild Meetings

The Guild on Friday nights. Reading a piece, listening to comments and critiques.  Trying out new ways to set scenes, moods, develop characters, draw the reader in to the culture of the story. Better ways to use beats, show don’t tell, move the plot along.

Amy, Jennifer, Kyle, Wayne, Jan. Every week they have ideas, comments, suggestions on better ways to keep action going, create deeper intriguing characters, suggest the passage of time, create repetition of needed activities, keep the reader intrigued. Not just broad strokes like the writing is too complicated or boring or technical, but specific ideas that will help not just in the scene being presented but your writing period.

The problem of course, is time. To actually understand and implement what they present takes work and hours. Sometimes, it seems overwhelming but to get better at what you do, it is necessary to get out of your shell and understand the world of writing from other’s viewpoints.

It is an amazingly positive group. If you want to write richer, faster paced, more vivid stories, I highly recommend the Guild. But, to really get something out of it requires coming enough times for people to get used to your writing and for instance, with me, sometimes I have to hear the same thing more than once or twice to really get it.

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